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Heat source goes through conduction layer and heat sink to spread and radiating out by radiation layer

  • 噴塗 (Coating): 石墨烯+奈米碳球,高端技術均勻分佈, 優於其他廠商分佈不均,降溫效果受限
  • ANDA010/020/030
  • ANMA010/020/030

Neptune is the solar system of the eight planets in the farthest from the sun.
Known as Neptunus in Roman mythology, because Neptune is Poseidon, so the Chinese is translated into Neptune.
Neptune Genting temperature is -218 °C(55K), the farthest from the sun, is one of the coldest areas of the solar system.
ACool graphene paint is also like the sea covered with heat sink, with excellent cooling effect.