Welcome to Amazing Cool Technology


History and progress summary

Founded in 2015

◆ Funded and established by Chairman of Elan Group Mr. Yeh and Chairman Samuel Chou of Arise Group

◆ 2016: Launched thin film thermal radiation cooling solution

◆ 2017: Developed graphene coating heat dissipation material and technology

◆ 2018:  Get R&D Excellence Award from Taipei City Government

◆ 2019: Successfully developed graphene-modified copper materials named ACOOL COPPER

◆ 2020: Published graphene-modified plastic materials including ABS, PP, PET, PA6, PA66, etc.

◆ 2021: It is proved that the graphene-modified copper target film after vacuum sputtering or evaporation has better characteristics of graphene-modified copper: the thin film resistance is reduced by 30%, anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion, and the anti-EMI properties are better than pure copper for 32 times to 64 times.

Graphene is an amazing material, it is 200 times stronger than steel, has the highest thermal conductivity, and has the lowest electrical resistance. Since the Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded to the discoverer of graphene in 2010, companies that invest in graphene-related research and development have sprung up, but so far there are very few successful graphene application products. Amazing Cool Technology is committed to the research and development of graphene modified materials. Using unique graphene pre-dispersion technology, it can be quickly and successfully introduced into various applications.

FOCUS (Product direction)


ACOOL New product




Thermal Conductivity 5300 W/m·K (導熱係數)

Nano Carbon

Thermal Radiation Efficiency >0.96(奈米碳球)

Diamond Powder

Thermal Conductivity 2320W/m·K。